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Toothache Lion Playscript

Narrator : in a dark night, very dark night at a deep forest, there is a story, story about a king, king of the forest. The king must be horrible, but not in this story. The story will tell us about the friendship and toothache. Friendship and toothache emm… it should be a nice combination of theme. Well, here are the story .

Lion : aw… help me… (talks to the audience) anybody know the right medicine for my illness? It must be somewhere in this forest. Aww…

Fox : (whisper) monkey…monkey… where are you?
Monkey : (from behind of the big tree) sssstt… over here…
Fox : (looks around) where? I can’t see you.
Monkey : here…
Fox : (getting angry) WHERE??
Monkey : well, you move 3 steps to the left…
Fox : (follows monkeys direction) one left…two left…three left… then?
Monkey : move forward 2 steps.
Fox : one, two, three… this is not funny monkey…
Monkey : BANG…
Fox : (angrily) hey… what are you doing?
Monkey : ha…ha…ha… just kidding.
Fox : don’t kidding me… I saw something there…
Monkey : what is it?
Fox : I don’t know. It is too dark to be able to see it..
Fox : what about the odd sound. I hear something, don’t you hear it as well?
Monkey : no, I don’t hear anything.
Fox : how can? Come on, sharpen your hearing!
Monkey : wait, yes, I hear it.
Fox : what is it should be?
Monkey : I don’t know, how if we search the source of the odd sound?
Fox : but….
Monkey : come on…
Fox : Ok…

Narrator : owh… how beautiful night… owh morning has came. Both fox and monkey are sleeping under the tree. What is happening? Just check it out.

Sheep : na…na…na… wait they should be emm… yes that is right. Wake up boys…hi fox, hi monkey.
Fox & monkey : aw… hi sheep…
Sheep : what are you doing here?
Monkey : well, actually we are searching for an odd sound.
Sheep : odd sound?
Fox : yes, we heard it around here.
Monkey : Do you know what sound is that?
Sheep : do you mean (he imitates the voice) WAOOO…WAOOO…?
Monkey : yes exactly that sounds…
Sheep : well, it’s the lion’s sound…
Fox : L-I-O-N?
Sheep : yes, but don’t worry, he is still getting toothache..
Monkey : toothache? Oh.. Thanks God. The lion is getting the toothache. Ha…ha…ha…

Lion : GARRRR…
Squirrel : HELP…HELP ME…

Sheep : (hides behind the fox) oh my God.
Fox : and what’s that?
Monkey : it should be our friend, Squirrel.
Sheep : yes, I’m sure that it is squirrel, but what’s going on? Is he falling down from the tree?
Fox : no. it is impossible. He is too awesome for falling down.
Monkey : yes I think so.
Sheep : so what could be happened? do the lion catch him?
Fox : em… I am not really sure, but we have to find and help him…
Monkey : yes, I agree.
Sheep : hello… don’t we are talking about LION?
Fox : yes we are, but we have to help our friend, our beloved friend.
Monkey : yes we have to.
Sheep : emm… OK, nice idea.
Fox : well then, we should make a plan or some to save our friend.

Narrator : ow… good friends. In other sides, squirrel is arrested in the lion’s cave. Let’s see…

Squirrel : HELP…HELP… please let me go away…
Lion : what did you say? Let you go? No, I will not. Don’t you know that hard for me to catch you?
Squirrel : please, I want to go home.
Lion : did u say please? I don’t like that word… it belongs to weak people words.
Squirrel : no, I don’t think so… everybody should use polite words for requesting something.
Lion : whatever… I don’t like to talk to my food, but not with you.
Squirrel : not to me?
Lion : yes, because I need you so much.
Squirrel : what do you mean?
Lion : well, why I catch you? Because I need you, why I need you? Because it is important. And why I arrest you? Because I can’t allow you to go away.
Squirrel : owh…and what is your expectation for catching me?
Lion : my expectation? Well silly Squirrel, don’t you know that I got a toothache?
Squirrell : yes, then?
Lion : I have asked all of wizards in this forest, but none knows what the right medicine for my illness is.
Squirrel : yes, then? I still don’t understand about what your reason for catching me.
Lion : last night, I got a dream.
Squirrel : dream?
Lion : SHUT UP… I will continue my story without your questions.
Squirrel : (he is frozen)….
Lion : well, it is much better. On my dream, there was an ugly wizard that said to me that I have to catch and eat you.
Squirrel : why? Why don’t you catch fox, sheep, or monkey? They must have more meat. oh no.. they are my friends.
Lion : (looks at the Squirrel then Squirrel is frozen again) because you have strong teeth. I am, then, asked to eat you.
Squirrel : (he looks around, touch his teeth and he yells) HELP…
Lion : hahaha… it is useless none will hear you.
Squirrel : yes, it will… my friends will come and help me. I have many friends around me.
Lion : your friends? No. I see your friends are playing a game. They don’t care about you.
Squirrel : no…
Lion : yes… they will not come.
Squirrel : I am sure that they will come and save me.
Lion : ha…ha…ha… keep dreaming boy… tonight I will cook and eat you…

Narrator : tonight? Oh my God… it should be 2 hours later. Where are fox, sheep, and monkey? They must be late. Oh they have disappointed me. Oh wait… here they are. They come in front of the lion’s cave. What will they do? Just check it out.

Lion : emm… I think there is something wrong here… I smell something delicious. But, what is it,,, owh… flower… I hope something more delicious here.
Fox : ooh… it’s close, too close.
Sheep : so, what next? I am not sure about what I am doing.
Monkey : come on sheep. You have to focus.
Sheep : focus? focus on what? On being lion diner?
Fox : hey… don’t you still remember that our friend is on trouble? We have to save him.
Sheep : sorry..
Fox : that is OK.
Monkey : so let’s do our plan…

Fox : hey… over there…
Sheep : yes I can see it well.
Monkey : well. Now, sheep, you and fox go save Squirrel, and I will check Lion.
Fox : OK
Sheep : OK
Squirrel : hi… friends… nice to see you again. You are very kind.
Fox : ssstt… don’t mention it.
Squirrel : thank you…
(Monkey Comes)
Squirrel : hi monkey…
Monkey : we have to go now.

(suddenly Lion enters)
Lion : GERRR…owh… welcome to my cave my little friends. why don’t you involve me in this touched meeting?
Sheep : oh my God.
Fox : plan B…
Sheep : plan B? have we ever told about this before?
Monkey : I don’t think so.
Lion : GRRR aw… my teeth… where will you go my little friends? You can’t go anywhere…
Fox : run around…
Lion : ha…ha…ha…
Fox : keep running...

Narrator : ow, nice idea... they are to many for the lion... it can confuse the lion…
Good job boys… keep running…

Monkey : shut up…
Narrator : hey… what kind of phase is that?
Monkey : sorry… I just…
Fox : keep running…
Lion : oh my God…

Narrator : that’s it… the Lion now is not only getting toothache but also headache.

Sheep : well… push him to the cage…
Fox : (after he pushes the Lion) locks the door…
Monkey : consider it has done…
Lion : oh no… GRRRRR….
Squirrel : let’s go friends…
Lion : hey wait…. Where will you go… don’t go,, Please…
Squirrel : please? Nice word… you have followed my lesson well.
Lion : GRRR….

Narrator : then they go away leaving the Lion on the cage. That’s all friends… hopefully we can the moral messages of the story…. Bye…..

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