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123 Love Legacy

Scene 1

The stage shows the situation of a large house owned by a rich family. This house looks like a house of noble family. In one of the room in this house, there are several peoples. There, lies a middle-aged woman on the bed. She is Mrs. Sarah Handoko. Mrs. Sarah Handoko, the owner of this fancy house, is a 45 years old woman. Actually, she is a quite beautiful woman with white skin, and long-black hair. But now, that beauty is covered by the fact that she has suffered brain cancer since five years ago. This disease makes her start to loose her beauty, step by step. Now, she is just a pale-skinny woman who waits for the death to end her misery. Around Mrs. Handoko, there are three sons of her.
Mrs. Handoko : Brama, Bayu and you Tirta… cough..cough (cough in a deep-hard sound) ..I think my time is about to come. Now I want you to hear my last will…
Bayu : Please, Mom. Don’t say such thing. You make us afraid because it seems that you will leave us forever and will not back again.
Mrs. Handoko : it’s ok. I’m alright…you know what? Maybe it is a miracle that I can live longer than what the doctor have predicted…
Brama : Mom please listens to him. You don’t have to worry about your illness anymore, because I have called the best doctor in town. They said that there is no illness that can’t be cured by his magic hand. In fact he never fails to help people.
Tirta : Brothers are right Mom. You’ll be better soon. I promise that I’ll take you to your favorite place…the place you want to go…wherever….
Mrs. Handoko : you guys are indeed the best sons in the world (try to smile, but then cough again because of her illness) cough..cough... cough…cough… I don’t need fancy things or travel to the other island. You know what guys? The biggest happiness for us as a parent is that our children put so much love and respect to us. That is all for us.
(cough again)
Now, listen to me kids…, but where is your Dad? (try to look for his husband’s shadow but he is no where to be found around the room)

Bayu : Err...Dad is...Err…he has a very important meeting with…client this afternoon Mom. Maybe… he will come late tonight…
Mrs. Handoko : Is that so, then… its ok. He must do it because as a human being we have to keep others faith to regain their respect. Kids, I’ve got something to tell you.
Tirta : What is it about Mom…?
Mrs. Handoko : You know that our family is the richest family in this province. Your grandfather gave that trust to me to run our family business, and then after I married your father, I gave him all of that right to run the business. So, my last will is that you guys must help your father to manage our business.
Tirta : Ok Mom, of course we will do. But now you must take a rest…
Mrs. Handoko : Ok dear, maybe you’re right…I need to take a little rest…good night dear (close her eyes and then sleep tight)
Brama and Bayu step out the room. Tirta keeps inside.
Bayu : (look to Bram with anxious face) Bram, where is the doctor? Have you called him again?
Brama : I don’t know, I’ve tried to call him twice, but there was no response… maybe there is something that make him come late or ¬----
Bayu : we can ask him in person now, there he is…
Then, suddenly there is a man in uniform come in hurry
Brama : What took you so long doc …
Dr. Wirya : I’m so sorry Mr. Brama, because there was an emergency situation in hospital…so where is your Mom that you’ve talked about?
Brama : oh, she is on the bed. Take a little rest. Ok I’ll take you there
Brama, Bayu and Dr. Wirya come in to the room. There, Tirta is sitting beside their mother. But there is something wrong here…
Bayu :Tirta, how is Mom?
Tirta : (silent)
Bayu : Hey Tirta, do you hear me?
Tirta : (in wavering sound) Mom…she…she…is
Brama : say it clearly …don’t make me angry!
Dr. Wirya : There is something wrong here…Mr. Tirta please step aside. Let me check her (check her hand and her nose, then take a deep breath)
I am so sorry guys.
Bayu : What happened doc? Is she alright?
Dr. Wirya : I don’t how to say it…but …I think…we lose her…
Brama : What did you say!? Maybe you’re wrong, look at her. She is sleeping now..
Bayu : NO!!! Mom, please wake up Mom…please…
Dr. Wirya : I’m so sorry that I couldn’t do anything
Everyone feels so sad, especially the three brothers. They are crying beside their mother. Dr. Wirya let them express their sadness. He just standing, and watching those three with broken feeling. One thing that he does not understand is where their father is. Isn’t he supposed accompany his own wife in such condition? In the end, the doctor never finds answer to his question…

Act 1
Scene 2

The scene changes to Mrs. Handoko’s funeral on the next morning. She is buried in a family cemetery. The funeral itself is attended by many people, her family, her business clients and her neighbor. After funeral, people start to leave the cemetery.
Brama : Bayu, have you called Dad?
Bayu : I’ve called him many times, no answer. His phone was turn off. So I just sent him a message…
Brama : huh, that filthy old man… how long he will realize his action. You know that I feel so guilty to our Mom.
Bayu : Because ---
Suddenly Tirta comes in hurry
Tirta : Bro, there is a call from Dad (give his phone to Bayu)
Bayu : So, why don’t you answer it by yourself?
Tirta : I don’t want to talk to the man who abandoned his own family..
Bayu : So do I, Bram here you are…
Brama : You already know my answer…
Tirta : Ok then we just ignore it, right?
Brama and Bayu : Yup
Several minutes later, Mr. Handoko comes. He is a big man, full of fat and looks like a greedy bear in appearance.
Mr. Handoko : Kids, why don’t you guy tell me about your Mom. Even though you don’t like me, at least you send me a message…
Bayu :’re no longer kids. And I called you last night, actually!!
Mr. Handoko : Last night? ….errr …last night I …I…oh I still had a meeting with client, so I turned it off…
Brama : (with bursting of anger) meeting with client!? Don’t lie to me Dad, I know that you walked again with that ugly woman …we know it Dad,..
Tirta : Because of you, we have to lie to Mom…we don’t want to hurt her feelings..
Mr. Handoko : (shout loudly) DON’T EVER SAY BAD THINGS ABOUT MIRANDA! , she is a good woman. We are just friends.
Bayu : What kind of friend she is, who let her friend’s wife live in misery while she is wasting time with you by shopping, hang out and maybe sleeping together in that godforsaken hotel…
Mr. Handoko : How dare you!!! Even though I’m your step father; you have no rights to say that…
Tirta : Of course we have, we are Mom’s beloved sons…and you…you just an unfaithful husband who lied to his own wife.
Mr. Handoko : Unfaithful husband you said! If I’m like what you said, then I won’t come at all…I still remember who I am. I am running your Mom’s business because I love her. And you are my sons too…so I love you all
Tirta : That’s because you are a greedy one…besides, you just our father in the eye of law, but not in our heart…and our vein.
Bayu : Did you hear that? We even know that you and your ugly woman use credit card beyond its limit. In the end we are not admitting you as our father
(Mr. Handoko can’t say anything again because his anger has co me to its limit. His face looks like a boiled crab, red and hot…)
Brama : Come on guys, we’ve done our business here.
The three brothers leave alone their poor father at the cemetery. They just want to forget their sadness about losing their Mom and to cool down their emotions. They have decided then for not to give apologize to their father forever.

Scene 1

Twelve years later…

Mr. Handoko has become an old man. His youth and handsome has been taken away long time ago since he got heart attack years ago. Now, before he died, Mr. Handoko wants to make letter of will. So he invites his lawyer, Jay.
Mr. Handoko : Jay, do you believe in karma?
Jay : Yes sir, I do believe in karma…so what’s the deal?
Mr. Handoko : Years ago, when I was still young and handsome, I’ve made a very big mistake…the mistake that I don’t want to remember…
Jay : What is it sir…
Mr. Handoko : (close his eyes, then try to memorize the past) once, I met with a beautiful rich woman in such a party or….a meeting? I’m not sure but when I saw her at the first sight, suddenly I felt something in my heart …
Jay : I know, you felt in love with that woman, right?
Mr. Handoko : Ha…ha…ho…ho..cough-cough (cough down) yup, you are right. But that was the beginning of my mistake. I felt in love with the wrong person…
Jay : why? Was she crazy or what?
Mr. Handoko : No, she wasn’t crazy, but me! I’m the one that deserve to be called crazy. I didn’t know that she already married and have three little kids. She looked so young and…beautiful. Then something bad was happened. You know what? I KILLED HER HUSBAND, indirectly!
Jay : Killed her husband? But how ---
Mr. Handoko : one day, when I walked away down the street tried to sell my goods, I saw that woman with her family were robbed in front eyes. You know what I’m doing? Instead of calling the police, I just stand up, and let her husband got shot by that robber. After her husband fell down, then I realize the situation. I made it to force the robber away from her. But it’s too late. His husband already died. He said thanks to me and then we became close each other. In short, I made it to be her husband.
Jay : I don’t see any mistake there. I think you do the right thing. About her husband, maybe that’s already his destiny.
Mr. Handoko : Of course that’s wrong. If I can save her husband then she might be be able to live in harmony and peace with her beloved husband, because I am a BAD HUSBAND. After several years, my wife started to suffer cancer. At the beginning, I still watched her, kept her, and served her. But, by the flow of time, I felt bored…and…tired. Then, I started to search for my own satisfaction from other woman. That was a very big mistake …
But the biggest mistake is that I am not on her side when she was in pain, waiting for her death…I left her in misery… she died alone without her husband beside her(start to drop tears from his two old eyes, then he cover his eyes with his two hands)
Jay : Sir, please stop it sir, if you put so much effort on it, that’s bad for your health.
Mr. Handoko : Maybe my sons were right. What kind of husband I am, who abandoned his dying wife and went out with another woman…
I don’t deserve to live, anymore …
Jay : Sir, all the people in the world might have made the same mistakes as you did, but they do not just blame their selves. They tried to find the way how to fix those mistakes. They know that blaming will not cause anything…so maybe you have to do the same thing, try to look at another way how you can redeem your sins.
Mr. Handoko : (thinking for a while) you are right Jay, maybe I have to do something to free up my guilty. Ok then I’ll try to apologize to my sons.
Jay : that’s good idea, but what about another problem?
Mr. Handoko : That problem? I want you to count it all, and then pay how much my debt to the bank. The rest you can give it to my sons.
Jay : All of the rest? Ok. Now, you have to take a rest. I’ll give report when everything is complete.
Mr. Handoko : Thanks Jay, you are the best friend I’ve ever had.
(Jay smiles, then he left out the room. Outside the room, the three brothers are talking about something. When they see the lawyer leave the room, they are asking Jay about their father)
Bayu : Mr. Jay, how is he?
Jay : Yeah, he is as healthy as usual. Guys, you are lucky that you have a very good father. See you, good night.
They look each other. They are confused with Jay’s statement.
Tirta : What does he mean by ‘good father’?
Brama : I don’t know. Just forget it. Let’s get back to our discussion. So what do you think? I think it must be 40% for me and 30% for each of you. How is it?
Bayu : Hey, that is not fair. How can you get 40 while we just get 30 each?
Brama : of course because I am your big brother. Is there any problem?
Tirta : Yeah, there is. You won’t get 40 %, but I will because I’m Daddy’s number one son. Both of you already know that Dad loves me much more than you two.
Bayu : No, you guys do not give any fair calculation. I think the best is each of us gets the same percentage.
Tirta : Hey, what about my efforts of watching and serving him for years while both of you studying abroad.
Brama : Serving? Don’t lie to me. I know that you paid someone else to do that. Right?
Tirta : I am not lying, I really did serve him, for a couple of minutes because the caretaker was late…
Then, they hear that their father call them to go inside..
Brama : What’s wrong Dad, did you call us?
Mr. Handoko : Yes. Come on kids. I’ve got something to tell you.
Tirta : What is it Dad?
Mr. Handoko : First, do you know why Mr. Jay came here?
Brama : Yeah, we know. It is about the legacy, am I right?
Mr. Handoko : That is true. I have prepared it for you. Be fair. I hope that you’ll use it well. And second…
Brama : What is the second?
Mr. Handoko : Second… I … I want to ask your apology about what I’ve done in the past and about your mother …so will you forgive me?
Brama : Sorry Dad, our door of apologizes has been closed long time ago since you played on our mother. If there is no other important thing, then we will leave you here. Good night Dad, have a nice dream about your sin.
Bayu : And thanks for the legacy anyway, but I am sorry. I still can’t forget what you have done to our mom. Good Night, Dad.
Tirta : So do I, sorry Dad.
Then, they leave their father alone.
Mr. Handoko : (take a deep breath) I knew that the result will be like this. Sarah, wish that you’d be here…will you do the same thing to me? Will you forgive me, for all of things that I’ve done to you?... I’m so tired now, I …I just… want to sleep…….forever (then, the old man fell asleep)
The sky looks so dark tonight. Even though the light of the moon and stars can enlighten the night a little bit, it can’t enlighten and open the heart that’s broken deeply inside.
Several hours later…
There is a sound of ambulance that runs through the silent road of a dark night. It stops in front of a big hospital which still operates at 3 A.M. Then doctors and nurses bring the patient to the emergency room. The patient is Mr. Handoko.
Three people try to get in to the emergency room. But they are not allowed to get in.
Brama : please doc, we are his family...So let us in.
Doctor Nuri : I am so sorry, but you are not allowed because we are still doing examination. (Then he close the door)
Bayu : Bram, just calm down. We know that the old man is a tough guy.
Tirta : Yeah, did you remember that he was the one who stopped the robbery in our house. When we were still kids? I remembered when he smacked down that robber, even though our real father was dead.
Brama : I think you are right. So we just have to wait for the result. I still don’t understand how a sleeping guy could get a heart attack…
After waiting for minutes, the doctors come out.
Doctor Nuri : The family of Mr. Handoko?
Brama : Yes, we are his sons. So what about our father? Is he Ok Doc?
Doctor Nuri : Sorry, we have done our best. But the result is decided by the Almighty Alloh. I’m sorry, he is dead.
Brama and Bayu just take a deep breath. Tirta in the other hand, keep starring at the doctor because now he and his two brothers do not have parents again. They are alone in this world.
Scene 2
Mr. Handoko is buried in family’s cemetery, right besides his wife. The funeral itself is not as big as his wife. It just attended by several people. Most of them are his neighbors. His own family is unknown because Mr. Handoko used to live in an orphanage. After the burial ceremony, people start to leave the graveyard. Brama, Bayu and Tirta are the last one.
Tirta : now, we are parentless.
Brama : Yeah, but it doesn’t matter because we already mature. Now it is the time for us to build our own family.
Bayu : You are right Bram. Maybe I’ll continue my work in Germany. I‘ve abandoned it for while. What about you Tirta?
Tirta : Ah, maybe I’ll try to build a restaurant with my own saving. It’s not much, but I think it will be enough to build the small one.
Brama : Bay, what about your girlfriend, Chika…when will you propose to marry her? I think both of you are a good couple.
Bayu : I don’t know. I never talk to her lately. What about you guys? Have you found any?
Brama : No, I haven’t.
Tirta : Still searching for the best one.
Bayu : Maybe you two, guys, just need to try a little … harder
Brama : Hey, I am your big brother… I don’t need your advice. I have more experience in my pinkie than in your head
Tirta : You can say that again
When they are talking each other about future, Mr. Jay the lawyer approaches them.
Mr. Jay : Hi guys, I’ve got something that may attract your attention.
Tirta : What is it about, Mr. Jay?
Mr. Jay : About your Dad’s legacy. Here, take it. (Give them a big envelope)
Then they start to open the envelope with flowering feelings.
Brama : Let’s see. 40:30:30, right?
Bayu and Tirta : What??
Brama : (gives threatening look)What what?
Bayu : Why don’t we open the envelope first and then decide the share later
Brama :( take out several sheets of money from the envelope) what is it Jay? What does it mean?
Bayu : Is this some kind of a joke Jay, isn’t it?
Mr. Jay : No, that is your Dad’s legacy. Right from your father..
Tirta : (take the money from Brama) But it just Rp. 123.000,-…
Mr. Jay : That is the reality. Your father has used so many credit cards beyond limits without ever paying it.I asm sure that that Miranda woman who used it often. And he also has a debt to the workers because the company that has broken down two years ago and then bla…bla…bla. After all of those calculations, then we just have Rp. 123.000 left as a bonus. Ok guys? (The three brothers still surprise because they are shocked of those calculation) Sorry I have other things to do. Bye guys. See you.
Every deed has its own consequence, whether it is good or whether it is bad. The three brothers have done what they want to do and now they get what they deserve.
The End

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